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my physical copy of The Silmarillion came in today so I can finally ditch my shitty ebook.


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Why do u think gwen stefani’s harajuki theme before didn’t get such negative reaction? (At least not that im aware of) she had Japanese girls follow her around in concerts and on red carpets before. Isnt it the same?

its called WOC as accessories and that is one thing I do not want to see in both Gwen and Avril. Sure Gwen actually defended saying that its part of a art project, but to be honest, as an Asian, that shit is really offensive because they are literally treating Asian girls as props??? Its like her own personal doll she can bring in stage and make herself look like “hey I love Asians so to show you my love for Asian culture, here’s my Asian girls”…Also the design on her Harajuku Girls perfume pissed me off when I was in middle school.

But Avril decided to make it worse by screaming random japanese, eating sushi, and literally screaming kawaii. They both attack on the stereotypes of Japanese culture and it is damn offensive because there are more than just Japanese people eating sushi or screaming “kawaii”. I somehow get people defending Avril’s video because they never experience culture appropriation??? At All. They think that screaming random Japanese will get them respect and love from idk Japanese people, but the truth is, they’re making themselves look really dumb. Remember when Lady Gaga went to Japan to perform? Yeah this is not what I want to see.

I remember one time when I went to Arizona with my family, this white person came up to me bowing down and saying stuff like “konichiwa” and I told him that I’m Korean, but then he changed his language to Korean and asked me very slowy if I knew hamburger. I was in freshman middle school and that shit offended me a lot….and that’s when I started to look into culture appropriation and learned a lot from my teachers/peers. Now we actually go to the actual question: Why did Gwen get away with this, well what I think (I still need to research more) I guess it wasn’t talked so much in year 2005 ~ 2006??? But please do correct me cuz I was in middle school and I want to know too. I think now these days, there are more people who wants to overcome this problem, and we have more POC defending themselves. And I’m glad because I think its time for POC to defend their culture.

And Margaret Cho actually did called out Gwen Stefani for doing so, just unfortunately it didn’t get much attention from media.

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Just Like Ada by Niizu

baby turgon and finrod building pillow forts is really important to me


baby turgon and finrod building pillow forts is really important to me

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So a couple of days ago I was talking with hereff about Curufin and I suddenly said “he is such a good person”.

Then I blinked and stared at the wall for a long second.

and if I’m not mistaken I was talking about how deliciously plotty and shady Curufin was in Lay of Leithian.


I’m convinced that there’s a passage about Nerdanel asking Feanor to leave the twins behind. Can someone help me? I just can’t find it.

But any mention of Nerdanel traveling with the host for a short while would suffice.

It’s from the Shibboleth of Fëanor, not sure if she followed the host because from the passage it seems more like she only came over after the Fëanorians went off.

She retired to her father’s house; but when it became clear that Feanor and his sons would leave Valinor for ever, she came to him before the host started on its northward march, and begged that Feanor should leave her the two youngest, the twins, or one at least of them. He replied: ‘Were you a true wife, as you had been till cozened by Aule, you would keep all of them, for you would come with us. If you desert me, you desert also all of our children. For they are determined to go with their father.’ Then Nerdanel was angry and she answered: ‘You will not keep all of them. One at least will never set foot on Middle- earth.’ ‘Take your evil omens to the Valar who will delight in them,’ said Feanor. ‘I defy them’. So they parted. 


'…and even as the Moon rose above the darkness in the west, Fingolfin let blow his silver trumpets and began his march into Middle-earth, and the shadows of his host went long and black before them.' - Of the Sun and Moon, The Silmarillion.
Moonrise, by Maciek Wygnanski


'…and even as the Moon rose above the darkness in the west, Fingolfin let blow his silver trumpets and began his march into Middle-earth, and the shadows of his host went long and black before them.' - Of the Sun and Moon, The Silmarillion.

Moonrise, by Maciek Wygnanski

Eärendil was a mariner
that tarried in Arvernien:
he built a boat of timber felled
in Nimbrethil to journey in.
Her sails he wove of silver fair,
with silver were her banners sewn;
her prow he fashioned like the swans
that white upon the Falas roam.

His coat that came from ancient kings
in chainéd rings was forged of old;
his shining shield all wounds defied,
with runes entwined of dwarven gold.
his bow was made of dragon-horn,
his arrows shorn of ebony,
of triple-steel his habergeon,
his scabbard of chalcedony;
his sword was like a flame in sheath,
with gems was wreathed his helmet tall,
an eagle-plume upon his crest,
upon his breast an emerald.

Beneath the Moon and under star
he wandered far from northern strands,
bewildered on enchanted ways
beyond the days of mortal lands.
From gnashing of the Narrow Ice
where shadows lie on frozen hills,
from nether heats and burning waste
he turned in haste, and roving still
on starless waters far astray
at last he came to Night of Naught,
and passed, and never sight he saw
of shining shore nor light he sought.
The winds of fear came driving him,
and blindly in the foam he fled
from west to east and errandless,
unheralded he homeward sped.

In might the Fëanorians
that swore the unforgotten oath
brought war into Arvernien
with burning and with broken troth;
and Elwing from her fastness dim
then cast her in the waters wide,
but like a mew was swiftly borne,
uplifted o’er the roaring tide.
Through hopeless night she came to him,
and flame was in the darkness lit,
more bright than light of diamond
the fire upon her carcanet.
The Silmaril she bound on him,
and crowned him with the living light,
and dauntless then with burning brow
he turned his prow at middle-night.
Beyond the world, beyond the Sea,
then strong and free a storm arose,
a wind of power in Tarmenel;
by paths that seldom mortal goes
from Middle-earth on mighty breath
as flying wraith across the grey
and long-forsaken seas distressed
from East to West he passed away.

Through Evernight he back was borne
on black and roaring waves that ran
o’er leagues unlit and foundered shores
that drowned before the Days began,
until he hears on strands of pearl
where ends the world the music long,
where ever-foaming billows roll
the yellow gold and jewels wan.
He saw the Mountain silent rise
where twilight lies upon its knees
of Valinor, and Eldamar
beheld afar beyond the seas.
A wanderer escaped from night
to haven white he came at last,
to Elvenhome the green and fair
where keen the air, where pale as glass
beneath the hill of Ilmarin
a-glimmer in a valley sheer
the lamplit towers of Tirion
are mirrored on the Shadowmere.

He tarried there from errantry,
and melodies they taught to him,
and sages old him marvels told,
and harps of gold they brought to him.
They clothed him then in elven-white,
and seven lights before him sent,
as through the Calacirian
to hidden land forlorn he went.
He came unto the timeless halls
where shining fall the countless years,
and endless reigns the Elder King
in Ilmarin on mountain sheer;
and words unheard were spoken then
of folk of Men and Elven-kin,
beyond the world were visions showed
forbid to those that dwell therein.

A ship then new they built for him
of mithril and of elvenglass
with crystal keel; no shaven oar
nor sail she bore, on silver mast:
the Silmaril as lantern light
and banner bright with living flame
to gleam thereon by Elbereth
herself was set, who hither came
and wings immortal made for him,
and laid on him undying doom,
to sail the shoreless skies and come
behind the Sun and light of Moon.

From Evereven’s lofty hills
where softly silver fountains fall
his wings him bore, a wandering light,
beyond the mighty Mountain Wall.
From World’s End then he turned away,
and yearned again to find afar
his home through shadows journeying,
and burning as an island star
on high above the mists he came,
a distant flame before the sun,
a wonder ere the waking dawn
where grey the Norland waters run.

And over Middle-earth he passed
and heard at last the weeping sore
of women and of elven-maids
in Elder Days, in years of yore.
But on him mighty doom was laid,
till Moon should fade, an orbéd star
to pass, and tarry never more
on Hither Shores where mortals are;
till end of days on errand high,
a herald bright that never rests,
to bear his burning lamp afar,
the Flammifer of Westernesse.

—   The full text of Eärendillinwë (The Short Lay of Eärendil), by J.R.R. Tolkien, from The Treason of Isengard (via filbypott)


that one fictional character you ship with six other characters


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Fingolfin, that DILF.

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