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i think i want to see a cartoon about these guys

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Idril’s Heraldic Device



The device of Idril Celebrindal reveals a cornflower-like pattern. Apparently Idril was especially associated with this flower, possibly through the golden corn that echoed her golden hair. An inscription found together with the device reads Menelluin Írildeo Ondolindello (“Cornflower of Idril from Gondolin”; Írildë is a Quenyaization of Idril’s name). It is possible Menelluin (literally “Sky-blue”) was the name, or designation, of the device. In it, twelve points reach the edge of the circle, suggesting the status fitting for the daughter of a High King.

The device of Idril was preserved and brought from Gondolin to Númenor, where it became the inspiration of many similar Númenorean designs. It was then brought to Gondor by Elendil. Even though Gondolin is known to have had its very own heraldic customs, these do not apply to this device, which might indicate that the customs were reserved for the Twelve Houses of the city.


T h e  S o n s  o f  F i n w ë

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he is my best. sure.


he is my best. sure.



Rape is the only crime on the books for which arguing that the temptation to commit it was too clear and obvious to resist is treated as a defence. For every other crime, we call that a confession.

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シルマリルの物語だけではゴンドリンやトゥアゴンが見えてこなかったので中つ国歴史地図とThe History of MIDDLE-EARTH(2)を買ってしまいました。


my hand is kind of stiff from not drawing for a week whoops;;;;


my hand is kind of stiff from not drawing for a week whoops;;;;

Team Gondolin chat meeting?

Hi everybody! I know that we have a wonderful chatroom here courtesy of the wonderful star-vault-ofthe-heavens, but the problem is everybody seems to log into the chatroom at different time so we don’t really get to talk to each other. Time zone definitely a problem, but I’m sure we can arrange something! I think it’ll be great to get everybody in the chatroom so we can discuss about any interesting thing that we find while we do the readalong, or ask about anything you don’t understand, or even just to mingle and make some new friends! :)

I proposed a meet up with everybody in the team! I was thinking maybe Saturday or Sunday for the weekly meet up, and maybe later we all can also set several daily meetup. 

So the question is, which day you’d prefer for the weekly meetup and what time will it be good for you? 

ps. to make it easy please indicate the time in GMT ;)